Gibb River Road Trip – 1

Marie and I, together with our friends, Barbara and David, decided to make our yearly long trip to the far north of Western Australia, with the intention of traveling down the Gibb River Road, a very rough and remote dirt track, and seeing some of Western Australia’s tropical and desert country.

This blog is a brief report of that trip.


Victor Harbor to Quorn

Marie and I left Victor Harbor at about 10;30 am, having arranged to meet Barb and David at Port Wakefield, a small town about 100km north of Adelaide. The trip was fairly uneventful (apart from a small encounter with a truck) and, after meeting at the Port Wakefield bakery and enjoying an excellent, if calorific, lunch, we continued on to Port Augusta and thence to Quorn for our overnight stop.

The first of our real problems occurred here, as David was booked for exceeding the speed limit within the town. After finding the post office, he paid his fine and retired to the caravan park, where we both set up for the night, they with their rooftop tent and we with our off-road camper-trailer.

Quorn to Farina

An early start saw us on the road to Farina.

Just north of Quorn is the site of the Kanyaka Homestead ruins. These are the remains of a once-substantial sheep station that was more like a small town, with some 70 families living there at one stage.  The National Trust have started to restore and preserve what remains today so that we can get a glimpse of what living conditions were like 150-odd years ago.

Kanyaka 2

Kanyaka Ruins – the Stables

Kanyaka 1

Kanyaka Ruins – the Homestead

From here, we proceeded to Farina (from the Latin for flour).  This township was established to become the centre of a huge wheat-growing area (hence the name), but the experiment largely failed because they didn’t realise that rainfall was going to be rare and unpredictable.

A group of volunteers have carried out  extensive renovations to the remaining buildings so that, as at Kanyaka, visitors can get some idea of the hardships these people faced.

The nearby station of the same name has established an excellent basic campground, and we made use of its facilities for the second night,

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