Gibb River Road Trip – 2

From Farina, we headed north towards Marree, once a stop on the Ghan railway line, Australia’s iconic South to North railway journey (the line has now been shifted some distance West to avoid the occasional flooding which occurred along the old line).

We stopped at Marree to refuel and have a look around.  While there is not much more there now, we were intrigued about the sign relating to the “mosque”  After much searching, we discovered that the mosque, which was used by the original Moslem cameleers, who did much to open up the Australian outback, as a place of worship, was the structure pictured below.

Marree Mosque

Marree Mosque

Marree is also interesting as it is the place from where both the Oodnadatta Track and Birdsville Track originate, the former heading North-West and the latter North.

The link below will give you more information and pictures about the Oodnadatta Track

After taking in the sights of the Muntonia Sculpture Park (alias Planehenge) we continued up the track to Curdimurka Station, a railway siding on the old Ghan railway, where we stopped for lunch.  This spot is noted as the place where they used to hold a Bachelors and Spinsters Ball and also as the home of a giant water softener, which was used to treat the very hard artesian water for the steam engines originally used on the railway.



Railway Siding - Curdimurka

Railway Siding – Curdimurka

Water Softener - Curdimurka

Water Softener – Curdimurka


After lunch, we continued up the track to the Mound Springs conservation area, Where we contemplated the marvels of the Bubbler Spring, before continuing our journey to William Creek (Australia’s smallest town) for our overnight stop.

The Bubbler mound spring

The Bubbler mound spring

The Bubbler mound spring

Overflow from the Bubbler



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